Thursday, September 6, 2012

Graduation Day!

Tomorrow morning at 9:30 am (central time) -- y'all need to be praying for us and thinking about Calista and waiting to celebrate. Tomorrow morning, Cal will have a 24 peanut challenge in the doctor's office. She has been eating 12 peanuts twice a day (without problem) since August 24th.

Only 199 days ago, we met Dr. Wasserman. 175 days ago, we began desensitization. Tomorrow, she graduates.

The joy cannot be conveyed in words, so I'm including her first Baskin Robbins trip picture to give you an idea of how she feels.

She will be on "maintenance" and will eat 8 peanuts a day. I understand that she will be encouraged to add other peanut products to her diet (she has already requested a Snickers bar).

Her blood test showed a small cashew allergy, so we will have a cashew challenge in a month from now. That will open up the tree nut world...

I am so very thankful for all who we have supported, encouraged and cheered us on during this journey. I'm thrilled to have the chance to share the information. I hope all children have access to this treatment someday.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

We interrupt regularly scheduled desensitization for a little life...

Well, we weren't able to make our "graduation" appointment on Friday.  Life happened to us.  Crazy enough, desensitization is the easiest, most "normal" part of our lives right now.  The delay has absolutely nothing to do with reactions or treatment -- no issues whatsoever.  She is happily eating her 12 peanuts each morning and 12 more each evening.  We are LOVING the freedoms this has given her.  We are hoping to get back to our "normal" appointment next week.

Continue to share our little blog and the happy news of desensitization!!