Monday, March 20, 2017

KCEN Story

We were recently interviewed by Heidi at KCEN for a story on OIT. I am always happy to share our successful OIT experience. It was truly life-changing!

KCEN Story

Monday, October 24, 2016

Follow-up Appointment

We had a follow up today with Dr. Wasserman. He said that Calista's IgE level was 55 prior to starting OIT. Today, it's 3. Yeah, I know.

OIT has allowed us to take 2 cruise vacations, flights, countless birthday parties...all without the worries. I am so thankful that this treatment is available. It is well worth the 2 hour trip each way.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Spring Cleaning!

I'm working on a long-overdue cabinet cleaning this morning. I found this Cup-A-Cake holder. We used this for several years at every birthday party, every special occasion. Calista always had to have a "safe" cupcake that I made. Poor girl - I might be the least talented cake decorator ever! They were always yummy and extremely ugly. 

After OIT, we can now toss these. That huge difference is not lost on me. My girl is able to enjoy the simple things in life without a constant fear of food. 

I remember the first time a dear friend realized that Calista was able to eat the birthday cake, just like everyone else. We were both amazed at the blessing. 

Friday, August 1, 2014

An Amazing Vacation

When Calista was diagnosed in 2006, I immediately thought of the things she would miss out on and the trips she couldn't take. 

Well, now she can!

We took an 8 day cruise to 4 different countries and she flew on 4 different airplanes. AND we all survived and had a blast. 

Thank you OIT!

Fascinated by the workings of an airport because she had never been there before. 

Trying new things in the Dominican Republic. 

Grand prize winner in the ship's game show!

So many things that were too dangerous to imagine before OIT. Blessed to have found this treatment. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

It works it works it works!

I absolutely LOVE sharing the news about OIT and desensitization.  I love reading about other families and their success.  I love reading about kids who are now safe.


Safe and pretty stinkin' free. 

It is an amazing place that I never thought we'd be.

So I share our news and I share the news from others.  I share it every single chance I get.  Because it is great and it works.

And my oversharing might just save a child or help a family.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Update: nothing new and that is AWESOME.

Calista still eats her 14 peanut M&Ms every night.

Sometimes she eats peanut butter sandwiches, candy, and other things that were forbidden.

And it's just fine.

We went skiing and ate at any restaurant we wanted.  She attended a sleepover and I didn't worry.  We are planning several vacations (one where she will fly for the first time) and peanuts are not a worry at all.

Life after OIT is pretty fabulous. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Just normal, everyday life...

I received a text from a friend a few days ago. Knowing that I had been the self-appointed "peanut police" for 6+ years, so asked where she could find individually wrapped, peanut-free cookies. Umm...I don't know. 

I have no idea.

The "individually-wrapped" part throws me a bit, so I offered a few brand names and suggested websites where she could order.  But I started to realize that I haven't read a label in a while. A long while... After 6 years of reading every label everywhere we went (reading every label because Cal's life depended on it), I now can't remember the last time I looked at one. 


Sometimes I forget about the day-to-day activities that consumed so much of our lives. The real fear that anything and everything was a potential bomb. 

Now I am only focused on sharing the good news of OIT, the success we've had and encouraging other parents to find out if it could work for their child. Oh, and I have to remember to buy more peanut M&Ms - Calista goes through a bag pretty quickly these days!