Friday, August 1, 2014

An Amazing Vacation

When Calista was diagnosed in 2006, I immediately thought of the things she would miss out on and the trips she couldn't take. 

Well, now she can!

We took an 8 day cruise to 4 different countries and she flew on 4 different airplanes. AND we all survived and had a blast. 

Thank you OIT!

Fascinated by the workings of an airport because she had never been there before. 

Trying new things in the Dominican Republic. 

Grand prize winner in the ship's game show!

So many things that were too dangerous to imagine before OIT. Blessed to have found this treatment. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

It works it works it works!

I absolutely LOVE sharing the news about OIT and desensitization.  I love reading about other families and their success.  I love reading about kids who are now safe.


Safe and pretty stinkin' free. 

It is an amazing place that I never thought we'd be.

So I share our news and I share the news from others.  I share it every single chance I get.  Because it is great and it works.

And my oversharing might just save a child or help a family.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Update: nothing new and that is AWESOME.

Calista still eats her 14 peanut M&Ms every night.

Sometimes she eats peanut butter sandwiches, candy, and other things that were forbidden.

And it's just fine.

We went skiing and ate at any restaurant we wanted.  She attended a sleepover and I didn't worry.  We are planning several vacations (one where she will fly for the first time) and peanuts are not a worry at all.

Life after OIT is pretty fabulous.