Thursday, September 12, 2013

Just normal, everyday life...

I received a text from a friend a few days ago. Knowing that I had been the self-appointed "peanut police" for 6+ years, so asked where she could find individually wrapped, peanut-free cookies. Umm...I don't know. 

I have no idea.

The "individually-wrapped" part throws me a bit, so I offered a few brand names and suggested websites where she could order.  But I started to realize that I haven't read a label in a while. A long while... After 6 years of reading every label everywhere we went (reading every label because Cal's life depended on it), I now can't remember the last time I looked at one. 


Sometimes I forget about the day-to-day activities that consumed so much of our lives. The real fear that anything and everything was a potential bomb. 

Now I am only focused on sharing the good news of OIT, the success we've had and encouraging other parents to find out if it could work for their child. Oh, and I have to remember to buy more peanut M&Ms - Calista goes through a bag pretty quickly these days!