Monday, April 29, 2013

410 days since our Day One

410 days ago, Calista and I sat in Dr. Wasserman's office in Dallas.  I tried not to freak completely as a nurse gave Callie poison.  Just the tiniest bit of poison.  But really, poison.  For 6 years, I'd done everything I could to avoid peanuts, tree nuts, peanut residue, etc.  And I actually sat in a doctor's office watching a nurse give my 6 year old POISON.  And I even paid them to do it.

Thank goodness, these thoughts really didn't enter my mind until the night before her first appointment.  If they had, I might not have been able to go through with it.

But it worked.  And we were blessed with very few stumbling blocks along the way.  Some of our other desensitization friends haven't been as lucky.  They have had updoses, had to backtrack, etc.

And now, 410 days later...Calista eats her 8 peanuts every evening.  And it is no big deal.  That's something that I still get goosebumps saying.  To go from "life-threatening allergy" with "no cure" and have to live a life where "strict avoidance" is required --- to eating 8 whole peanuts (or 14 peanut M&Ms) every single day, well I'd say that's pretty amazing.

It is also amazing that Calista can eat birthday cake.  It is also amazing that Calista can play softball and eat the team snack.  So many simple changes that I never imagined.