Saturday, February 14, 2015

Spring Cleaning!

I'm working on a long-overdue cabinet cleaning this morning. I found this Cup-A-Cake holder. We used this for several years at every birthday party, every special occasion. Calista always had to have a "safe" cupcake that I made. Poor girl - I might be the least talented cake decorator ever! They were always yummy and extremely ugly. 

After OIT, we can now toss these. That huge difference is not lost on me. My girl is able to enjoy the simple things in life without a constant fear of food. 

I remember the first time a dear friend realized that Calista was able to eat the birthday cake, just like everyone else. We were both amazed at the blessing. 


  1. I have a son about to enter a desensitization program, we have lived with life threatening peanut allergies for 13 years. The fear! The anxiety! I have my worries, but after reading your blog I can set those worries aside because, this is life changing! Thank you for documenting for people like me, that are so curious how the process goes for the patient and family. :)

  2. Great blog! Would love an update on how Calista is doing!

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